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Droid-Specific Wallpaper (960x854)

Being a graphics guy, and a Motorola Droid owner, naturally one of the first things I wanted to do with my new device, was to customize it with either publicly available, or preferably... my own wallpaper.  While a few Google searches will get you to a few sites that have "Droid" wallpaper, they usually only have scaled-down versions available, or there is sign-ups involved, etc etc...  I mention "scaled-down" versions, because I found after a little research that the native wallpaper size is actually 960x854, due to the way the Droid divides screen real-estate. Anything smaller than those dimensions, and the Droid will scale the image up to fill the screen, often resulting in blurry images.

Anyway... I've decided to start posting my full-resolution Droid wallpapers here for friends and the like.  I only have a few so far, But I hope you enjoy!

Please note: Some of the images are modified versions from other publically available collections.

Droid Wallpaper Collection

Click thumbnails to open full-size image. (same window, use your BACK BUTTON to return.)

coil_aqua.jpg (183757 bytes)coil_blue.jpg (202346 bytes)coil_red.jpg (194396 bytes)crust-natural.jpg (302768 bytes)
crust-purple.jpg (271888 bytes)crust-royal.jpg (164785 bytes)Black Road3rd Eye
Carbon Fiber DarkDaveDroidBlue SunsetBlack Label Society

emg-hz-01.jpg (300895 bytes)emg-hz-02.jpg (230854 bytes)emg-hz-03.jpg (538874 bytes)summer-bloom.jpg (335919 bytes)
GreenBlue BlurGreenBlue Blurtwisted_01.jpg (224230 bytes)twisted_02.jpg (141325 bytes)
Matrix Greenredmatrix.jpg (158005 bytes)hexillus.jpg (465368 bytes)Green
moss.jpg (355931 bytes)Nebula.jpg (302315 bytes)neuron.jpg (260805 bytes)leafspine.jpg (717500 bytes)

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