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2007 Honda Civic Si Photo Gallery 1

July 23, 2007 - Fresh off the truck, still in the wrapper!

These photos are of my 2007 Honda Civic Si, as it came off the truck. It has a few modification to go through before I get to see it in it's final form :-)  All the protective plastic will have to come off, and then the Honda Factory Performance mods start going on.  You'll be able to read more about those, and future modifications, later in more detail - but the short version is: A HFP Body Kit, 17" HFP powder coated wheels, and a fog light kit.  Photos of those items being installed coming soon now! (see last row of images)

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Si BadgeRearFront

The Si Badge, a rear 3/4 and front 3/4 shot.  Even the wheels have protective plastic??

FrontFrontInterior in plastic

Please note the delivery truck in the background. I was more than a little enthusiastic to see it

PedalsTachometerwindow sticker

Aluminum racing pedals, 8,000 RPM redline, and the ubiquitous window sticker.  VIN protected  >.>

Gallery "1.2"
July 26, 2007 - At Twin City Honda dealership, Civic Si being fitted with HFP goodies!!

shop_front_bumper_off.jpg (32442 bytes) shop_no_bumper.jpg (37114 bytes) shop_front_clip.jpg (37198 bytes) shop_wheels_on.jpg (32766 bytes)

Thanks to my Honda salesman, Jared, (and his cel-cam) I have some "behind the scenes" shots of the kit going on!

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