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My "8th Gen" 2007 Honda Civic Si

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If you are an 8th Gen Honda Civic fan - especially a Civic Si fan - then you've come to the right spot.  My goal here is to document my 2007 Civic Si Coupe as it progresses.  The thing is, I liked my 2006 Civic EX so much, I had to get the Si model!  They are really fun cars, and since I have plans for doing some modifications to my Si, I thought it would be fun to post my progress, and the car's history.  As time allows, I will be adding information, photos, articles, reviews, links and more - all related to the latest Honda Civics and the new Civic Si.  Please use the links provided below to find out more about this great little car!

The Beginning - June 16, 2007: I walk into Twin City Honda, and proceed to declare that I may, or may not, be there to talk to someone regarding an Si  - I warily let the long-haired Native Honda salesman named Jared approach me.  This was the first sign I was really in trouble.  Usually, I don't let salespeople talk to me, let alone a 'savage' such as this, but I needed and wanted to know just what kind of cash it was going to cost me to trade up from my 2006 EX to a new Si.  You see, my testosterone levels had been up ever since the Si's were released mere months AFTER I bought my EX in late '05.  It had been roughly 18 months now, and I was ready, damnit.   Long haired screaming Comanche or not, I was going to get some information.

Lucky for me, Twin City Honda must have a heavy-duty screening process, because Jared turned out to be a really likeable guy!   Not once did he tried to scalp me!  I was impressed.  Plus, the dude's a Lightwave 3D, and Music enthusiast!   How weird is that?

NEWS! - July 23, 2007: It has begun.  I received a call from Jared...  My car - after a month of anxiety attacks and sleepless nights - had arrived.  He knew I wanted to ... drool... over the car when it came in, so up went smoke signals.  Or was it a cellular call?  Either way, due to his diligence, and willingness to help his fellow man, I got the message..  The delivery truck had just arrived to drop off the goods, and Jared wanted me there Pronto.  I grabbed my camera, jumped in my soon-to-be-gone 2006 EX, and broke like the wind...  or something like that.

NEWS! - July 26, 2007: It continues.  Jared just sent some cell-phone pics of the Si in the body shop, being fitted with the HFP body kit, fog lights and HFP wheels!  Click the link below to check it all out!

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2007 Civic Si Coupe
Galaxy Gray with Honda Factory Performance Accessories

"The Si's 2.0-liter, four-cylinder is rated at 197 horsepower and 139 lb-ft of torque. That's right at the magical 100-hp-per-liter mark that only the best normally aspirated engines in the world can manage. The trick is, of course, that Honda doesn't start painting the tachometer red until 8000 rpm.

Horsepower is a function of engine speed--the faster an engine is spinning, the more power it will make for any given amount of torque. Honda's VTEC ensures that the torque curve doesn't drop off at high revs by switching to a much more aggressive cam profile at 5800 rpm. The result is peak torque right after the changeover, at 6200 rpm. The torque curve isn't so much of a curve, it's more of a flat line with a hiccup when VTEC switches cam profiles at 5800 rpm." -  Automobilemag

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